YouTube Search Fails with API 403 Error - FIXED!

Faculty attempting to use the default Blackboard YouTube Mashup tool

will be greeted with the following failure message …

You can safely ignore this error message. There is nothing that you can do to fix this feature. This error is generated because of a change that Google has imposed on this Blackboard Building Block.

We will repair this module as time affords. In the meantime, if you need to add a YouTube video to your Blackboard course then use the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool which is located at the bottom of the Build Content > Mashups > Kaltura Media Mashup tool.

This provides a more comprehensive approach to managing YouTube videos. The video integrated in this way becomes part of your larger Kaltura My Media collection. This allows your YouTube video to be housed in a collection that is not restricted to this one course.



Article ID: 101047
Thu 3/12/20 4:53 PM
Fri 6/11/21 4:48 PM