Manually Post just the Student Letter Grade in Your Blackboard Course

1. Go to and log into our Blackboard account.

  • Username – i.e. jsmith or jsmith_1234
  • Password – is your same password that you use to log into your RIC email.

2. Go into your Blackboard course

3. Below the Course Management section on the left-hand side of your course, click “Grade Center > Full Grade Center”.

4. Click “Create Column”.

5. In the Column Name field, enter in Final Letter Grade.

6. Scroll down and make sure that Primary Display is set to “Text”.

7. Set the Points Possible to “100”.

8. If you do not want you students to see their Final Letter Grade yet, you can set the Show this column to students to “No”.

9. Click “Submit”.

10. You are back at your Full Grade Center. Use the scroll bar to move over to the far right to view our newly added in column.

11. Back in step 8, I selected “No” so this column is currently hidden from the students. The circle with the line through it letting you know that the column is currently hidden from the students.

12. When you want your students to see this column, hover over the column header, click the down arrow and select “Hide from student (on/off).

13. Now the column will be seen to the students.

14. Click in cell below the Final Letter Grade column and enter in student’s final grade score and press the Enter key.

15. You should the student’s final score and the final letter grade.

16. Repeat step 15 enter in the rest of your students’ final letter grades.


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