Kaltura: Ordering Professional Closed Captions (deprecated)

Ordering Professional Closed Captions

As of Spring semester 2022 this method of requesting Professional Closed Captions is no longer supported!

NEW! - Kaltura: Requesting and Ordering Closed Captions

ALERT: Please Note!
You can only request Professional Closed captions for a video that has been uploaded to Kaltura. Professional Closed Captions can't be requested for YouTube video.

There are two types of Closed Captions available with Kaltura. The default is to use Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). Automated captions might be useful, however, they are not compliant with ADA requirements. This article outlines the steps to order ADA compliant Closed Captions using Kaltura.


Choose your video to edit

  • Navigate to your My Media
  • On the My Media page, scroll down until you locate the video you want to edit. Click the video's title.


Steps to request Professional Closed Captions for your video

  1. Click the Actions menu located in the bottom right of the screen just below your video


  1. Select “Order Captions” from the Actions menu


  1. Select “Professional” from the Fidelity menu


  1. Click the “Order Caption” button


  1. Click “OK” when you get confirmation your captions have been ordered


  1. You will be taken to the Caption Request page. On the right side, you will see the message AUTHORIZING


  1. Send an email to HelpDesk@ric.edu with the EXACT title of your video to notify User Support Services that you have a Closed Caption request pending approval.


WARNING: Please Note!
You must enter a unique Service Request with the Help Desk for each video that you submit for Professional captions.


As of this writing, Professional (human-generated captions) are only available for classes with students registered with Disability Services.


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