Add a Home Page Banner

1. Click the “Home Page” link on your Course Menu.

2. Hover over "Home Page" at the top of the right panel, click the down arrow and then click “Page Banner”.

3. You can either keep “Home Page” or you can remove it and add any text you want.

4. Press the enter key at the end of the Home Page or the new text that you enter and then click the “Add Content” icon which is a plus sign within a circle.

5. Click “Insert Local Files

6. Now select your image file and then click “Open”.

7. The image has been placed in the textbox. If the image is too large, click the image and then place you point on one of the corner’s resize handles and drag diagonally down to make it smaller.

8. The is image smaller. Now click the “Submit” button.

9. Now the image is showing up at the top of the Home Page.




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