Kaltura: CaptureSpace Lite Guide (deprecated)

As of the start of the Fall 2018 Semester, it is no longer possible to download and install Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite .  Instead please install Kaltura Capture. It is the replacement for CaptureSpace Lite. If you currently have Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite installed on your machine please feel free to continue using it. The final date for use of Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is May 10, 2019

Installing CaptureSpace Lite is a self-service install. You get it by it by going to your My Media page within Blackboard. Once there you select the Add New menu:


After selecting the CaptureSpace Lite menu item you will be presented with the usual Terms and Conditions page:


The first time that you attempt to use CaptureSpace Lite it will offer you to let you download the version for your machine:

NOTE: CaptureSpace Lite is only avilable for Windows or macOS.

You can install the software anywhere on your machine. The next time you select CaptureSpace Lite in the Add New menu in My Media then Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite will automatically launch:






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