Exporting Your Blackboard Grades to Excel

  1. Below the Control Panel, select Evaluation > Grade Center.

  1. Click Work Offline > Download.

  1. Select the data to download. (Note: Full Grade Center option will be selected by default.)

  1. We recommend that you select Tab for the Delimiter Type.

  1. Click Submit. 
  2. Click Download.


  1. Click OK.


  1. Click Yes.

  1. The Excel files opens and you can see where you inserted grades that still need grading.
  2. You can modify any of the content within this Excel file except for the header names. (Note: You will see the column name followed by a horizontal line (pipe) followed by a 6-digit unique identifier. If you plan to upload this Excel file back to Blackboard, then the horizontal line and the 6-digit unique identifier can’t be changed.)


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