Share Your Screen in a Blackboard Collaborate Session

Make sure that you joined the session in Google Chrome. If you are either a moderator or presenter in a Blackboard Collaborate session, you will have the ability to share out your Desktop. 

Open the Collaboration Panel.


Click the “Share Content” button.


Click “Share Application/Screen”.


Select “Entire Screen”.


Click “Add to Chrome”.



Click “Add to Chrome”.


Click “Add extension”.


Click the x in the upper right hand corner of pop-out window.


Close the Desktop Sharing – Chrome Web Store tab in your Google Chrome browser.


Now you will see the below message.


Reload the session by refreshing your browser. 


Click on “Share”.


Click on the (+) plus sign to add a new tab within your Google Chrome browser. This will solve the tunnel vision. 


Everyone who are currently in the Blackboard Collaborate session see your screen.


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Fri 3/1/19 8:57 AM
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