Blackboard Course Merge Request

Blackboard Course Merge Request

In our Blackboard Learn (LMS) merges combine the enrollments of two or more Blackboard course shells into one. Students only see the merged shell. The request for a merge should be sent to User Support Services ( and come from the Instructor on record for the courses being merged. When making a request first decide which type of merge is best for your situation:

Full Merge  (most common):  Two or more courses are combined into one new shell. The student work and course content in the original courses is lost. Content must be uploaded, or copied into the new shell from an archive or older course. If you are merging two new empty courses this is the type of merge you need.

Park Merge (special situations):  One or more "child" courses is joined to an existing "parent course". The content and title of the parent course stays intact but student work & content in the child course is not carried over. This type of merge is useful if you have already uploaded content to one of the course shells being merged and you don't want to have to upload content again.

If unsure of the type of merge you need just indicate that in your request. 

Next, log in to Blackboard, view your course list, and copy the full course IDs of the courses you need merged. Paste the text into your email request. Avoid attaching screen-shots or images.

course list

Merge Request Checklist

  1. Provide the full course IDs as shown in your BB Course list - (example 1192-RICOL-CONT-50C-SEC80).
  2. Provide the type of merge you are requesting (Merge or Park)
  3. For either type of merge request, *confirm that the courses are empty or your content is safe in an older course or archive*.
  4. If the courses being merged have different titles - please also submit the Course Title you prefer us to use for the merge.

You can email your request to, or you can just create a new help ticket by following this link to the RIC Service Center form for Merge Requests. Below is an example of a merge request:

Please do a Full Merge of these two courses. They are confirmed empty. 




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