Blackboard Course Merge Request

Blackboard Course Merge Request Procedure

Merges create an entirely new empty shell with combined enrollment from the merged courses. Requests must come from the Instructor assigned to the course and the courses must already have their LMS option checked in MyRIC 24 hrs prior to the request.

  1. Ensure that you backup (Archive) the course content that will eventually be uploaded to the new merge shell.
  2. Submit a help ticket using this online system (Home----> Submit Ticket) or send a request to (401) 456-8803.
  3. Make sure you provide the proper information in one of the below acceptable data formats:

The full Blackboard course IDs of all the courses to be merged  (1198-RICOL-DEPT-123-SEC01)


The five digit MyRIC Class Number for each course to be merged (12345)

If you don't know the IDs or Class Numbers you need to provide the full course TITLE, YEAR, SEMESTER, and SECTION.

Once your request is entered into the ticketing system, someone will contact you with an update.


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