Add User to Blackboard Course

Official student access to courses in the Learning Management System (LMS) is managed exclusively by the Records office [ (401) 456-8213 ].

These roles can be added by request of the Instructor on record for the course:

  • Participant: Read Only Access to Content & Discussion Boards - (no Gradebook, no Tests or Assignments).
  • Teaching Assistant: access is similar to Instructor
  • Course Copier: Read only for content copying
  • Co-Instructor: Full Access

 To make a request please submit the following information:

  1. The first and last name [ or ID ] of the user to be added
  2. The exact Blackboard Course ID from your Blackboard course list [ example: 1202-RICOL-ABC-000-00 *].
  3. The role you are requesting from the list above

*Your Course ID is shown in your Blackbord course list, and also under the Content Collection menu item for that course.








If you are unsure what access you need to give consult the below checklist and in your request indicate the access level you wish to authorize for that user.

  • View Course Materials only
  • Participate (Discussion Board, Collaborate, Blogs, etc)
  • Take Tests & Upload Assignments
  • Manage Content (edit, remove)
  • Manage Student Grades (View, change)
  • Course Copy

The submitted request must be made by the Faculty on Record for the specified course.




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