Add a User to your Blackboard Course

Official student access to courses in Blackboard is managed exclusively by the Records office (

These roles can be added by request of the Instructor for the course:

  • Participant: Read Only Access to Content & Discussion Boards - (no access to the Grade Center, Tests, and Assignments).
  • Teaching Assistant: access is similar to Instructor
  • Course Copier: Read only for content copying
  • Instructor: Full Access

 To make a request, please submit the following:

  1. The first and last name (or ID) of the user to be added
  2. The exact Blackboard Course ID from your Blackboard course list (example: 1202-RICOL-ABC-000-00).
  3. The role you are requesting from the list above

*Your Course ID is shown in your Blackboard course list, and also under the Content Collection menu item for that course.









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