Missing macOS scroll bars in Blackboard Grade Center

Why are the scroll bars missing in the macOS Grade Center?


The Problem

There are occasions when Blackboard users on a Macintosh may fail to see the horizontal scroll bars in the Blackboard Grade Center. There is a very simple fix if the problem occurs…


Basic Solution

You need to make a minor change in the way the macOS handles scroll bars. In order to make this change, you need to go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen. Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences…. Once System Preferences are open you then choose the General panel. By default scroll bars are set to display automatically as needed.


The Solution

The solution is to force macOS to always display the scroll bars. In this way, you make it always possible to scroll horizontally in the Blackboard Grade Center.



Once you force the scroll bars to appear they will always be available in the Grade Center.

Note: This change to scroll bar behavior was introduced with Mac OS Lion 10.7.x


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Mon 2/17/20 2:10 PM
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