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Learn how to quickly reset your password to access MyRIC, Blackboard, and your RIC Email.
This article is to help you check and delete Rules in your mailbox that might have been added to your account if someone spammed you and gained access to your email.
Step by step instructions to install and configure the Topaz program on your computer.
This article introduces you to how to register for Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication and Self-Service Password Reset
The Outlook PhishHook Add-In is available to every RIC Office 365 user to easily report a suspicious email. Reporting these emails assist Information Technology Services (ITS) in protecting others from becoming a victim of a phishing attack.
The following knowledge base article will help you add your Rhode Island College Email to your Mail Application on your iPhone or iOS Device.
Learn how to add/request your course be in Blackboard
Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. A new Big Red Button has been added to Kaltura Express Capture (Webcam Recording) to enable you to add content from your Webcam Recorder to Blackboard.
Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is no longer available as of May 10, 2019
This article provides the instruction on how to register for Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when you own an Apple iPhone (or iOS device) that you have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on.
With over 90% of all data breaches starting with a phishing email, protecting our Office 365 email accounts from being compromised is a top priority. Even with a lost or stolen password, access to your email is extremely difficult when your account has Multi-Factor Authentication enabled.
The following knowledge base article will assist you in changing the password you use to login to your Apple Computer.
This is an article on how to log into RIC's survey software called Qualtrics. The article will also guide you on how to create a survey.
This article provides the instruction on how to change your password using Office 365 Self-Service Password Reset
What's new in Kaltura for Fall 2019
Enabling third-party cookies is required to use Kaltura within Blackboard.
This article describes Kaltura Capture application's Management Page.
After you open the Kaltura Capture Application, the Management window may be opened by clicking Manage on the Kaltura Capture Recorder.
The following knowledge base article will help you if you're stuck in an endless cycle of a popup asking you for a login keychain password.
Kaltura allows the download of audio and video files from within Blackboard. The ability to enable media downloads is available to instructors but is disabled by default. It’s quite easy, however, to enable the download of Kaltura media files. This article will walk you through the steps.