GoToMyPC: Getting Started


This article describes how to start using GoToMyPC, after ITS has created an account for you.

NOTE: Currently we only provide GoToMyPC in support of teleworking. If you have approval for telework, you can put a request in via TDX Service Center.

Getting connected to your on-campus computer

Follow the next steps to connect to your on-campus desktop(s)

  1. Open a browser to the GoToMyPC logon page ( (screenshot 1)
  2. Enter your Registered Email Address (1) and Password (2). And click Log In (3).
    NOTE: Both (1) and (2) can be cut and paste from the separate email that you received from ITS.
  3. After a successful logon (screenshot 2), you will see the computers you have access to (1).
  4. Click on the corresponding Connect button to connect you to your computer’s desktop.
  5. You are prompted to run the GoTo Opener:
    1. If this is the first time you connect, you are prompted with Open GoTo Opener? Click Open GoTo Opener. (screenshot 3)
      NOTE: This will download and run the GoToMyPC viewer
      NOTE: Depending on your computer from where you are connecting, you may get a Windows Security Alert. You can click Allow access
    2. Subsequent logons you get the Launch Application dialog. Select GoTo Opener (1) and click Open Link (2) (screenshot 4)
  6. Next you are prompted to Enter Access Code (screenshot 5) for the computer you selected (1).  Click OK (2)
    NOTE: The Access Code can be cut and paste from the separate email that you received from ITS.
  7. Now the desktop viewer will open (screenshot 6).
    NOTE: the Control-Alt-Delete function is on the top right of the viewer (1)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot of the GoToMyPC logon page












Screenshot 2

Screenshot of the listed computers to connect to








Screenshot 3

Screenshot from the first use of open GoTo Opener


Screenshot 4

Screenshot of Launch Application dialog













Screenshot 5

Screenshot of the dialog to enter the Accesd Code







Screenshot 6

Screenshot of a partial GoToMyPC viewer window

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