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User Accounts and Office 365 Email Access

Knowledge Base articles associated with self help procedures to possibly expedite an account issue without submitting a support ticket.

Online Learning and Blackboard Services

Information and Training about the Rhode Island College Learning Management System

Telephone and Voicemail

Knowledge Base category containing articles with self help information on the RIC voicemail system and other articles explaining how to use the digital phones.

Endpoint Computing, Devices and Software

Support for RIC-owned/managed hardware, software and other devices. Includes desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and software applications. Includes services such as requesting equipment, upgrades, repairing and resolving issues/incidents on these types of computing devices.

Classroom Technology and Media Services

Support for electronic equipment in a RIC academic classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and A/V equipment loan reservations and requests.

Enterprise Applications and Services

PeopleSoft, MyRIC, EMS, RICRooms, etc.

Information Security and Safe Computing

The Information Security and Safe Computing category provides resources and guidance to help students, faculty, and staff protect their personal and institutional data and devices. This category includes information on best practices for secure passwords, safe browsing, email safety, and data encryption. It also covers topics related to malware protection, mobile device security, and remote access security. By following the recommendations in this category, users can minimize the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches, and help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of college information resources.

Self Help Desktop Application Training

The Knowledge Base Category will provide you access to self help training articles that can walk you through using several different software programs and enhance the users computing resources.

Printer and Copier

Knowledge Base Category that refers to articles to help with printer and copier functionality questions.

Articles (1)

Advisor - RIC Advisor Homepage

This article will compare the old MyRIC portal for Advisor tasks with the new MyRIC portal.