Google Meet: How to Create a Google Meeting Session

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Currently the Google Calendar app has been disabled so you will not be able to create Google Meeting appoints via the Google Calendar. If you want to create a Google Meet session(s) with your students and/or with other users, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Open the Google Meet app

Step 2 – Click Join or start a meeting

Step 3 – You can either give the meeting name or leave it blank and then click continue

Step 4 - You will want to copy the meeting information, save it in a word document so that you have it. You will then provide the use with the meeting information.

Students and/or other users will join the Google Meeting session by two way:

Option A – User opens the Google Meet app and then they copy the Google Meeting session code (i.e. ykh-tzdw-bty)

Option B - User can copy the entire url (i.e. In their browser address bar.


Note: When you want to create additional Google Meeting sessions, repeat steps 1-3.


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