Google Workspace: How to change a user permission to a shared file

Instructional Video - (Click Link to Access Video)


1. In your RIC Google Workspace Drive, select the file.

2.  Click the "Share" icon.


3. Click the down arrow to right of the current permission.


4.  Select the permission. 


5.  (Optional) - click the "Setting Options" icon.


7.  If you don't want users who have "Edit" permissions to be able to change other shared users' permission and be able to share this document with other users, then make sure that you turn off "Editors can change permissions and share". If you don't want users who have either "Viewer" or "Commenter" permission to be able to download, print and copy the document then you need to turn off "Viewers and commenters can see the option  to download, print, and copy".

8. To move back to the previous screen, click the left arrow.


9.  Click "Done".


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