Google Meet - How to see up to 49 people including yourself?

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Once you have started or joined a meeting, do the following:

1. In the lower right-hand corner of the Meeting, click the three dots and the select “Change Layout”.

2. Click “Titled

3. By default tiles scroll bar is set 9 people. Just drag it over to the right to accommodate up to 49 people. (Note: When you scroll over to the right, you can select 16, 30, 42 or 49.)

Seeing yourself in the grid

1. Hover over your thumbnail and click the “Show in a tile” button.

2. Your video will now be showing up in the grid with all the other participants in the meeting.


For more information about seeing up to 49 people, including yourself, in a Google Meeting, please refer to the below Google Support Article.



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