Personal Contact Information and RIC Emergency Alerts


The following instructions illustrate how you can update your personal contact information and your cell phone number in the MyRIC portal.  Updating this information will insure you will receive timely and accurate notifications and alerts concerning Rhode Island College.


1.  Open the web browser of your preference, then type in the Address Bar. From the RIC’s official website, select on MyRIC hyperlink.

Screen shot of RIC web site





2.  Type in your MyRIC user ID username (not your E-Mail account) and password then select on the LOGIN button.

A screen shot of MyRIC login page.






3.  Select on RIC Announcements pull-down menu and select your affiliation to the college, either the RIC Student Homepage or the RIC Employee Homepage.

A screen shot of MyRIC constituency menu




















4A.  If you are a Faculty and/or Staff member and selected RIC Employee Homepage previously, select the Personal Contact Information Tile.

A screen shot of RIC Employee Homepage Personal Contact Information Tile












4B.  If you are a Student and selected RIC Student Homepage previously, select on the Student Center Tile.

A screen shot of RIC Student Homepage Student Center tile.










5.  Inside of the RIC Employee Homepage or Student Center page, select Personal Contact Info from the left menu.

Screen shot of MyRIC Personal Contact Info page.

6.  In the Personal Contact Info page, make sure you select the Personal Information tab and that the Phone Numbers option is selected.

Screen shot of MyRIC Personal Information tab.












7.  Make sure to place a check mark on your Cell Primary phone number where the RIC Alerts will be sent.
You may add other number(s) by selecting the Add a Phone Number button. Select the Save button after.



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