How to Scan Your Document on the Savin 5054

Place your document in the paper feeder tray at the top of the copier (Savin 5054)

Press the “Home” button.

Press “Scanner.

Press the “Folder” tab.

Press “Send File Type / Name”.

Select item. (Single Page or Mutli-page)

Select File Type. (TIFF or PDF)

Press “File Name”.

Enter in a file name. (IMPORTANT: Since the files are going to be stored on a network folder, we strongly recommend that you place at least your initials at the beginning of the file. [i.e. sb test])

Press the “Start” Button.

When you want to access the file, go back to your computer and double-click the mapped network folder.

You will see your file. Just copy the file and paste it down to your local machine.


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