Cyber Security Awareness training: Getting Started

These Security Awareness training courses will strengthen your understanding how to protect yourself against all the common Internet risks the Internet. You can apply this both at work and at home.

Get started by following these steps:

  1. Determine the location to take the course
  2. Select one of the sampler training course packages we compiled for you
  3. Click on the link to log on to the TechGuard SHIELD training site
  4. Navigate the site and pick the first training course
  5. Complete all the courses in the training course package and receive your certificate
  6. Additionally take any available security awareness training package or course and we will recognize you for it

1. Determine the location to take the course

  • If you want to do the take the courses on campus, but have no work computer, these locations are available:
    • Adams Library
    • Whipple .....

2. Select a training course package

  • Each of these packages take about one hour to complete
  • There are about 8 courses per package
  • The course lengths varies from 4 to 15 minutes
  • Below are the course listing per course package. Each course links to a short description

3. Log on to the training site

  • You will need your Office 365 account to log on
  • Go to the TechGuard SHIELD site (*)
  • The site's home page looks like this:

4. Navigate to your training package

  •  Click the MY COURSES button
  • The three (3) course packages you have access to are listed
    My Courses listing
  • Click the Show Curriculum button of the preferred training package
  • If you click on Launch Course button of the course you want to watch a new video player window will show
  • If you click on View Details you will see the Course Description and from there you can click Launch Course
  • If you are interested in courses not included in the packages, you can click on the CATALOG button and review the courses on the different categories
  • You can also find all the course descriptions here 



The Training Course Sampler Packages

Security Awareness Course Sampler 1 (Total: 57 minutes)

Security Awareness Course Sampler 2 (Total: 61 minutes)

Security Awareness Course Sampler 3 (Total: 58 minutes)


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