Add Audio Recording to Each of Your PowerPoint Slides

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

2.  Click the “Insert” tab.

3. Click “Media > Audio” and then select “Record Audio”.

4. Name your audio recording. (Note: We recommend that you name it as the slide number such as slide 1).

5. Click the record button.

6.  Now start to record your audio for the slide.

7. Click the stop button.

8. (Optional) You can click the Play button to hear your audio recording. When you are done listening to your audio, just click the stop button.

9. (Optional) If you don’t like what you heard, you can click the record button again and record your audio again.

10. When you’re done recording the audio and you like it, click “OK”.

11. The audio icon will be placed in the middle of your slide. We recommend that you move to the bottom right corner of your slide.

12. Click the “Animation” tab.

13. Within the Timing group, click the down arrow to the right of “On Click” and select “After Previous”.

14. Repeat steps 2 through 11 to add your audio recordings to the rest of your slides.

15. Save your PowerPoint.

16. Export your PowerPoint out as a video by doing the following:

A. Click the File tab.

B. Click “Export” and the select “Create a Video”.

C. Click “Create Video”.

D. Save your video. (Note: It may take several minutes to save your PowerPoint as a video file.)

17. Log into your Blackboard account.

18. Click the “Faculty Resources” tab.

19. Click “My Media”.

20. Click “Add New” and then select “Media Upload”.

21. Turn on “I agree to the above terms and conditions.”.

22. Click on “Choose a file to upload”.

23. Select your file and click Open.

24. Do the following:

A. Enter in a description.

B. Enter in at least tag.

25. Click Save and then “Go To My Media.

26. If you don’t see your video in your My Media, that means that it’s still in the process in be uploaded to your My Media. Just check back in a bit.

27. Go into your Blackboard course where you want to deploy the video.

28. Hover over Build Content and then select “Kaltura Media”.

29. Click the “Select” button to the right of the video.

30.  Do the following:

A. Enter in a title for the video.

B. Enter a description.

31. Click the "Submit" button.

32. Video has now been deployed in your Blackboard course.



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