Create a Test with Random Blocks

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Creating a Test with Random Blocks

1. Below the Control Panel, select "Course Tools > Test, Surveys, and Pools."

2. Click "Tests".

3. Click "Build Test".

4. Enter in a name for the test. (Optional - you can add in a description and instructions.)

5. Click "Reuse Questions".

7. Click "Create Random Block".

8. Select the pool or pools you want to use.

9. Either select "All Pool Questions" or select the question types you want to use.

10. Click "Submit".

11. Enter in how many number of questions you want to use. Again, when the students take the test, Blackboard will randomly select the number of questions to display by the what you enter here.

12. Set the points per question.

13. Repeat steps 5-12 to add in additional random blocks

14. Click "Ok".'

15. The Test has been created. Now you will need to deploy your test.



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