Add Zoom to your Blackboard Course Menu


Zoom will not be available in your Blackboard course until you either add it to the Course Menu or add it to a Content Area.

This document will provide you with a brief overview of how to add the Zoom integration to your Blackboard course using both methods …

Add Zoom to Your Course Menu

Step 1.

Click on the + button at the top of your Course Menu

Blackboard Course Menu - Tool Link

Step 2.

Select the Tool Link item …

Blackboard Course Menu - Add Tool Link


Add Zoom to a Blackboard Content Area

In addition to adding Zoom to your Course Menu, you can also add it to any Content Area. The steps are as follows:

Step 1.

Navigate to the Content Area where you want to deploy the Zoom LTI. Select the Zoom LTI menu item from the menu Tools Menu > More Tools > Zoom LTI

Tools Menu - More Tools - Zoom LTI


Step 2.

The Zoom LTI is added to the Content Area along with any folders or documents that you have included …


Zoom LTI in Content Area


Open the Zoom LTI

Step 1.

Click on the Zoom link that you added to your Course Menu or Content Area

Zoom LTI in Course Menu

Step 2.

The Zoom LTI now opens in your Blackboard course

Zoom LTI integration


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