Windows Virtual Desktop Login Process

Remote Desktop Client can be run on many different Operating Systems.

This document was written for the Windows Desktop Client, the links below cover many other operating systems available for use.

Windows Store Windows 10 client in the Microsoft Store Get started with the Windows Store client
Android Android client in Google Play Get started with the Android client
iOS iOS client in the iTunes store Get started with the iOS client
macOS   macOS client in the iTunes store Get started with the macOS client

Windows Desktop Client

Click on the link to download and install the RDC (Remote Desktop Client):

Select Windows Desktop client.

Remote Desktop Client selection screen by operating system

Choose your RDC (Remote Desktop Client):

Select version of client to install

Select Run

Select Run to install Client

Select Next

Client Next to Continue or Cancel

Check the box to accept the terms and select next

Check box to accept license then click next

Select your install then select Next

Select install for you or all users


Progress bar for install

Select Finish

Selct Finish to complete install

Select Subscribe with URL

Subscribe with URL

Copy and paste in URL

Into Email or Workspace URL and select Next

to subscribe paste URL into window

Sign in with your RIC Email Account.

Sign into your account

Enter your password and select Next

Enter your password


You will be prompted for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) either via SMS or Authenticator App. Enter in the code and select Next

Enter code

Double click WVD icon

Icon for Virtual desktop

prompt for WVD, enter your password and select OK

Enter password

Upon logging in your WVD will appear. If you do not see your software icon on the desktop you can scroll through the start menu or search

Image of Windows Desktop


Don’t forget to logout 😊

*************************Technical Note****************************

If you are in multiple WVD sessions or you get assigned another machine when the connection is still open. You may need to refresh your connections.

refresh connection to server













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