Microsoft 365 Training Resources

There are dozens of applications available to RIC affiliates through RIC's Office 365 Licence. One you log in to RIC Office 365  you can get basic help for any of the online apps by clicking the Question Mark (?) in the top right corner of any 365 Online web page.

365 Help Menu


Below is a list of other options that are available to anyone in the RIC community seeking further help or training on any of the Office 365 Applications. 

1. Get an introduction with free Microsoft Help Online, YouTube, etc:

SharePoint Intro Video

Microsoft Learning Portal

More SharePoint Videos

Microsoft 365 App General Training

Microsoft Written Documentation

2. Search these sites to find free or low cost Microsoft application training:

Dash General Assembly
LinkedIn Learning
MIT OpenCourseWare
Microsoft Learn
Harvard Online Learning
Khan Academy

3. Learn more using LinkedIn Learning,, or other *paid* membership sites:

4. Review the State of RI Office of Learning Development site;
(Follow the PDF instructions shown on that site to create a login to that LMS and look at the courses offered)

5. Consider enrolling in a paid course online with a technical training company such as New Horizons, or enroll in one of RI's state schools (URI, RIC, CCRI). Most full time RIC staff are eligible for a tuition waiver benefit that can be used at those Institutions, consult with RIC Human Resources office regarding details on that benefit. 


The Instructional Technology Training group also provides periodic training sessions on Office 365 applications. To find out about training email 


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