Zoom: How to Recover Your Deleted Zoom Cloud Recording

Once a Zoom cloud recording has been moved to the trash, the deleted recording will remain in the trash location for 30 days. If the recording has not been recovered within the 30 days, the recording will be removed permanently after the 30 days. The steps below will show you how to recover a deleted recording from the trash.

1. Access your RIC Zoom account via the Web Portal, do one of the following options:

Option 1 - In your Microsoft 365 account, click the App Launcher and select Zoom@RIC

Option 2 – go to https://ri-college.zoom.us/ and sign in.

2. Click on “Recordings

3. Click “Cloud Recording” and then click “Trash

4. Select your “from” and “to” date and then click “Search”.

5. Click “Recover” to the right of the deleted recording you wish to restore back in your Cloud Recording page.

6. Click “Recover”.

7. Now the deleted recording is be recovered.

8. Once the recovering process has completed, click “Recordings” to see you recovered recording.



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