How do I get my files out of Google Workspace

There are two ways to extract your files from your Google Workspace account provided by Rhode Island College:


1. Copy and transfer your email and Google Drive files to another Google Account

Data and personalization

Your Google Workspace is tied to your Rhode Island College account. At the point you leave the college you may wish to take your files with you. Google makes it easy to move your files from your Google Workspace account to a personal Google account. If your storage needs are greater than that provided with the free Google account then you can upgrade to a Google One( paid account.

Google provides documentation walking your through the process of transferring your files …

Copy content from your school account to another account - Google Account Help


2. Download your data to your local machine

If you want to save your files to your local machine or you wish to use another cloud storage provider then you will need to download your Google files:

• How to download your Google data - Google Account Help


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