Google Classroom: Generate Originality Reports for Students and Teachers

Instructor (Teacher)

Creating the Assignment with “Check plagiarism (originality)” option turned on

In your class, click “Create” and then select “Assignment”.

Enter in the Title and instructions.

(optional) attach any files and/or YouTube videos.

On the right-hand side, setup the assignment and then turn on “Check plagiarism (originality)” option.

Click “Continue”.

Click “Assign”.

Assignment has been deployed and ready for your students to submit work too.

Generate originality report on submitted work

Once your students have turned in their work, you will need to access their submitted work by clicking on the Assignment and then Click on the # right above “Turned in” associated to the assignment.

Click the student’s submitted document.

Click on “Checking plagiarism”.

If there is any flagged passages, you will be able to view those flagged passages.

In this example, all of the work cited work included quotes and the link to the source content except for the title.


Working on assignment and generating Originality report(s) before turning in the assignment in

Click on the “Classwork” tab.

Click on “View assignment”.

If the Teacher has already attached a starting document (i.e. Google Slide), you want to click on that file. If there is no attached starter file then you click on “Add or create”.

Once you are done with the document (i.e. Google Slide), close out the browser tab for that document.

Click “Run”.

Click “Run”.

You will see that the originality report is being generated.

When the report is ready, click on “View originality report”.

You can see if any of your content has been flagged.

You can click on any of the matches to compare your content with the content from another source.

You need to cite your work. Add quote makes around the source content and add a link to the site work.

(Optional) You can run another Originality report to confirm that your work. (Click “Run” and then “Run” again)

Once the report is ready to view, click “View originality report”.

You can fix any additional flagged passages.

Click on “Turn in” once you are ready to submit your work.


Note: If you have any issues and/or questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk either at 401-456-8803 or



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