Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser


The following article describes how to install the Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser using a supported web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser has the following pre-requisites

  • A computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina and later, with all operating system updates installed.
  • A computer connected to the RIC wired/Ethernet network, (off-campus, wi-fi access not available).
  • A supported web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.  The web browser should be at the latest version available.

Connecting to and Using the Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser

Please follow these instructions for logging in and using the Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser web application. The primary role of the Avaya Contact Center Agent Browser application is to enable your desk phone to enter a call queue if one is setup for your department or office's primary phone number. 

Login Instructions

1.  Open a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

2.  Navigate to the web site http://aacc.ric.edu/agentcontrols.  You may want to bookmark this site in your web browser, or add it to your desktop for easier access.  On some shared computers in departments and offices, there may already be a shortcut to this web site configured on the desktop.

3.  The Avaya Contact Center page will load.

4.  To login to the system, enter your RICEDU\username and password, if you are a full time faculty and staff member.  The username would be the same as the one used to login to MyRIC, and the password is the same that would be used for MyRIC or your RIC Microsoft account.  For shared workstations in offices and departments, there may be a text file already on the desktop of the computer with the information to login.  The username for these shared workstations is slightly different, and would be AACC01\AACC_department_XXXX where department is the name of the department, and the XXXX is the extension of the telephone installed at the shared workstation.

5. Once logged in with your proper username, the next step is to log your phone into the call queue. Your Agent ID, Phone Number, and Supervisor will be populated automatically. Click the gray Log in icon. You will automatically be placed into Not Ready mode.

Contact Center Login

Changing Status Instructions

When the Agent Browser application logs you in, you will be in a Not Ready state. Click the 'Ready' icon when you are ready to take calls.








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