Ultra - Adding a Recording to an Announcement

Watch the how-to video

Refer to Announcements for more information.

1. Navigate to the course Announcements tab:

announcements tab

2. Click the plus sign near the top right corner of the window:

plus sign to add announcement

3. Enter a title and specify the recipients of the announcement:

add title and recipients to announcement

4. In the message text box, click the plus sign and select “Recording” from the dropdown menu:

plus sign and recording selection

5. If you would like to include video in your recording, click the camera next to the red record button:

enable camera buttom

6. Click the red record button to begin recording. There will be a three-second timer before the recording begins:

record button

7. Click the pause button to pause your recording. When you are finished, click the red stop button:

pause and stop recording button

8. You may review your recording using the playback bar:

playback bar

9. When your recording is ready, click “Save and Exit” at the bottom of the recording window:

save and exit button

10. Your recording is now embedded in the message text box. Specify whether you would like an email copy to recipients and/or schedule the announcement:

embedded recording

11. Click “Save” when you are finished:

save button

Note: Unless you scheduled the announcement for a future date, you must still click “Post Now” in the Announcements tab to send the announcement to recipients:

post now button


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