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All Blackboard courses are limited to a course file size of 500mb. To remove files you are no longer using and/or delete duplicate files, please follow the below steps.

How to Remove No Longer Used Files and Duplicated Files

* All video and audio files should be uploaded to Kaltura and linked to from within your Bb course.

When deleting duplicate files, make sure you do not delete the file that is linked to a content area. Usually, the most updated duplicate file has the highest number at the end of the filename... i.e. syllabus(9).pdf

  1. Expand the Content Collection option by clicking the right arrow and then select your course ID.

    image image

  2. Scroll down and click “Show All”, so that you are seeing all of the files.


  3. Click the select all check box.


  4. Click the “Delete” button.


  5. Click “Ok”.


  6. If any files are being actively linked in your course, Blackboard will not automatically delete them. You will see the “List Files and Folders With Links”. If you want to delete out an active linked file, you need to keep the check mark to the left of the file.If you do not want a particular file deleted, you need to remove the check mark to the left of the file before you click the “Submit” button. Verify the check mark as been removed from the files that you don’t want to be deleted.


  7. Once you have clicked the Submit button, the files have been removed from your course and freeing up course file space.









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