Course Copy

Watch the how-to video

Go into your previous course.

From the Course Management section below Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities > Course Copy

From section 1, click the down arrow and select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

In section 2, click the Browse button

Select the course that you want to copy the content into.  

Click Submit

Below the Select Course Materials section, click Select All. (Note: The options below the Content Area will be pulled from the course you are copying from, so you may see more or less boxes depending on your course course.) 


Select “Copy links and copies of the content”. 

Click Submit

At the top of the frame, you should see a blue bar with the following message: “Success: Course Copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.

(Note: This process can take several minutes. In some cases much longer depending how much content you have to copy over to the new course.) 

Once the copy course phase is done, you will receive an email. 


Now click the Course tab and then click on your new course. 


The content from the previous course is now in your new course. 

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