Attaching a OneDrive File via Web Link

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Attaching a OneDrive File via Web Link

Log into your Microsoft 365 account.

Click the OneDrive App

Select the file you want to link too.

Click “Copy link”.

Click the “People with existing access can use the link” button.

Click "People in Rhode Island College"

Verify that "Can View" is selected this way your students will not be able to modify the document. 

Click "Apply".

Click "Copy".

Now move over to your Blackboard course and navigate to the location where you want to deploy the link.

Hover Build Content and select Web Link.

Do the following:

  • Enter a name within the Name field.
  • Paste in the copy URL within the URL field.
  • (Optional) Enter in a description within the description field.

Press Submit.

Note: When the student clicks on the web link within your Blackboard course, they will have to log into their Microsoft 365 account if they have not already logged into their Microsoft 365 account within another tab of the browser before they can access the file.



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