Enable Third-Party Session Cookies for Kaltura Integration

The Kaltura video tools included in Blackboard - e.g. My Media, Media Gallery, and content embedded using the Kaltura Media Mashup tool – require support for session cookies. Many browsers (including IE and Safari) changed their default settings to block third-party cookies.

You may see the following error while trying to access Kaltura via your Blackboard course site:

  • Your browser is blocking third-party cookies which are required to view and manage videos in Kaltura...

Your browser is blocking 3rd party cookies

You need to enable third-party cookies to use Kaltura. This is because Kaltura needs to communicate with Blackboard to verify who you are and where you want to store your videos. There are instructions at the following links to enable third-party cookies just for a specific site if you want to enable them just for Kaltura.


Enabling third-party cookies

Follow the instructions for your browser:

NOTE! - at this time we would advise against using the Microsoft Edge browser. In addition to problems with 3rd party session cookies, there are compatibility issues with Blackboard Collaborate



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