Publishing a Respondus File to Blackboard

Once you have created your test or quiz, you can then publish it onto Blackboard. Follow these steps to publish your file: 

Click “Preview + Publish”.

Click “Publish”.

Click “Publish Wizard”.

Select either Publish to single course, Batch Publish to multiple courses, or Save pool to local file for manual uploading. For this example, we will publish to a single course. 

Choose your server. If you have not set up a server yet, choose add new server. Here is how to set up a new server: 

Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually and then click Next

Go to the Internet, go to the Blackboard  Login Screen, copy the URL, and paste it in Section 1 of the Server Information Window

Open up your course, go to the main page (the page with the Control Panel), copy the URL, and paste it in Section 2 of the Server Information Window

In Section 3 of the Server Information Window, click Extract..

For the Login page, please delete out what is currently displaying and type in

Give a name to your server, and then fill out your Blackboard 9 Username and Password. You have the option of letting Respondus remember your username and password. 

Once the server is set up, click Next.   

In Section 1 of the Publish Wizard Window, choose your course from the drop-down menu. 

In Section 2 of the Publish Wizard Window, you can choose either Create new Exam or Replace existing Exam. If you want to upload the questions you made into a Pool, then you can choose either Create new Pool or Replace existing Pool

In Section 3 of the Publish Wizard Window, select any additional options you would like to apply to your test or quiz. 

Click Next.   

Select the Content Area where you want to deploy your test or quiz.  

*This step will not work properly unless Edit Mode is switched to ON in the Blackboard course*    

Click Next

The Status Window will show you when the upload is complete, click Finish.


Please refer to the "How to Create Test and Import Questions in Respondus" article which contain videos on the following topics:

  • Creating Tests and Formatting Questions in Respondus
  • Importing Questions in a Respondus Test



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