Assigning Microsoft Outlook Scheduling Privilege to an Executive Assistant

1. Establish delegate (read/write) access for the Executive Assistant on the Executive’s Outlook calendar.

2. Download and install the Zoom plug-in for Outlook at The Executive and the Executive Assistant must both install the Outlook Plug-In.

3. Assign Zoom Scheduling Privilege.

Note: This action must be completed by the Executive.

A. Log in to your RIC Zoom account at in.

B. Click Settings from the left menu options.

C. Click the plus sign (+) to the right of “Assign scheduling privilege to”.

D. Enter in the user’s email address and then select “Assign”. (Important: Make sure to enter in their full Microsoft 365 email.)

Steps for the Executive Assistant

1. Confirm the changes have taken effect.

A. Restart Microsoft Outlook and verify that you see the “Scheduling a Meeting” option.

B. Sign out and sign back into the Zoom Desktop Client.

C. Click “Schedule”.

D. Click the down arrow to the right of “Advanced Options”.

E. Verify that you see the name(s) of the executive or executives who have shared their calendars in the drop down menu.

Note: The executive Assistant has the ability to schedule a Zoom meeting on behalf of the Executive within the Zoom Desktop Client.

2. Setting up the Zoom meeting in your Executive’s shared calendar within the Outlook Desktop Client.

A. Open the calendar within the Outlook Desktop Client.

B. Select your Executive’s shared calendar so that the selected calendar appears side-by-side with your calendar.

C. Right click on the date/time desired and select New Appointment.

D. Select the Schedule a Meeting button to schedule a Zoom meeting.

E. Click the down arrow to the right of Advanced Options verify the “Schedule for” is turned on and the Executive’s name is being displayed and then click “Continued”.

D. Invite the Attendees and then click “Save & Close”.

Note: The Zoom meeting has been created. You see the appointment added on the Executive’s calendar.

The Executive and the Executive Assistant will see the Zoom meeting within the Zoom Desktop Client as well in their Zoom account online.




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