Zoom: Providing access to a Zoom recording created using Zoom LTI tool in an old course

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1.  Go into your previous course

2. On the course menu, click the Zoom LTI course menu item (i.e. Zoom Meetings).

3. Click the “Cloud Recording” tab.

4. Click the topic title which is in blue.

5. Click “Share” which is below your “Recording -1” thumbnail.

6. Click “Copy”.

7. Now go to your course where you want to place this information in.

8. You could either select an existing content area or add a new content area and name it “Zoom Recordings” (Course Menu > click plus sign [+], select “Content Area”, name it, turn on “Make available to users”, and then click “Submit”.

9.  Once you have clicked the content area, select “Build Content > Item”.

10. Provide a name.

11. In the text box, paste in the Zoom recording that you just copied back in step 6.

12. Highlight the Zoom recording link.

13. Click the “Insert/Edit Link” button.

14. Click the down arrow for the “Open link in” and select “Current window”.

15. Click “Save”.

16. Click “Submit”.

Now your Zoom recording is in your course which your students have access to.


If your Zoom recordings have a passcode on them, please provide your students with the following article.






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