Zoom: Use Zoom LTI Tool to Schedule open meeting w/o host joining

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You have the ability now to schedule Zoom meetings where student join before the host joins the meeting. The host does not even have to join the meeting. You can create open Zoom meetings for the entire class to have a place to come together online to socialize. You can also create open Zoom meetings for your student groups.

1. Access the Zoom LTL tool on your course menu to Access the "Zoom Meeting"

2. Click “Schedule a New Meeting”.

3. Please do the following.

a. Enter in your topic for the Zoom meeting. (I would leave the name of your course in the title and then add the Group name or whatever you would like.)

b. Turn on “Recurring meeting”, click the down arrow and select “No Fixed Time” (This will allow them to enter the zoom meeting anytime they want as many times as they want.

c. Turn off “Waiting Room

d.  “Enable join before host

4. Click “Save”.

5. Your students will join the the meeting by accessing the Zoom LTI tool without you having to start the meeting first. You will not have to join this meeting.



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Thu 3/18/21 9:49 AM
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