Preparing Students for Distance Learning

Below you will find links to webinar recordings, videos and additional training material dealing Blackboard and Zoom topics. 

Blackboard Support

Logging into Blackboard

There two ways to log into Blackboard (Learning Management System).

  • Option A: Go to and then uses your Office 365 RIC email and password.

  • Option B: Log into MyRIC and then click on the Blackboard link located on the right-hand side of the window.

Getting started with Blackboard

Browser Support

Navigate outside a course

Personal Settings

Adding a Profile Image

Staying in the Loop

  • Activity Stream

  • Announcements

  • Calendar

  • Institution Page

  • Notifications

Interact with Others -

  • Blackboard Collaborate

  • Blogs

  • Discussions

  • Email

  • Groups

  • Journals

Types of Content 


Submit assignment

How students submit to an assignment

Submit group assignment

Supported file types

Assignment Grades

How students can see posted grades in a Blackboard course

Assignments and SafeAssign

Test and Surveys

What’s the difference between a test and a survey? -

Where do I access tests and surveys?

Watch a video about tests

Tips for taking a test

How to take a test or survey

View a test question with a rubric

Timer status bar

Presentation options

Retake a test or survey

Grades and feedback

Discussion Board

Watch a video about discussions

How students post threads in a discussion board forum and reply to a classmate’s thread and reply

Reply to thread

Save a post as draft

Access your posted grades

How students can see posted grades in a Blackboard course


Blackboard Student FAQs 

Zoom Support

How to Access Your RIC Zoom Account (Article)

Zoom Meeting Quick Tutorial for Participants

Zoom Help Center

Zoom Help Center Recorded Training Sessions



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