Blackboard: Student FAQs

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the learning management system RIC faculty and students use for online instruction and communication. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions, take tests and quizzes, submit assignments and more.

How do I log in to Blackboard?

Please follow the step-by-step instructions in the "Login Procedures" article. 

Minimum computer requirements?

You will need a connection to the internet and a supported web browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox).

View compatible browsers and run the browser check to verify.

Can I change/update my personal information and password in Blackboard?

No. Your personal information in Bb is based on the information you provide to the college.

Can I access Blackboard on my smart phone?

The Blackboard app is available to all RIC students for free. The app does not provide access to all of the features available via the browser version.

How do I get help with Blackboard?

For questions about course policy and content, please contact your instructor. Technical resources are available at:

Course Enrollment:

I can't see my courses from last semester.

Students do not have access to courses once the semester has ended. If you have received an incomplete or require additional materials from the course, please contact your instructor.

I cannot see Blackboard courses I'm enrolled in.

Course enrollment information will be loaded no later than 2 weeks before the semester starts.

  • If you register for a course during open registration or after classes have begun, it can take up to 12 hours after you register before your course appears on your Blackboard course listing.
  • You may have been dropped from the course due to a hold on your account.

Please contact your instructor to verify they are using Blackboard. If he or she is, contact the IT Help Desk either at 401-456-8766 or

My Professor’s Blackboard course says “PRIVATE”, and I can’t access the course. 

Blackboard courses will automatically become available to students four days before the courses’ start date.

Blackboard Navigation

I do I navigate with a Blackboard Ultra course?

Navigating in an Ultra course for students video

How do I attach my file when I submit an assignment? 

Please refer to the TDX article/video - Ultra – Submitting Work to an Assignment 

My professor attached a Microsoft Word file, but I prefer to convert it to another format such as PDF? Is that possible? 

After your professor provides you access to a file in the Bb course, Blackboard Ally creates alternative formats of the file based on the original. For example, if the original file is a PDF, Ally creates audio, electronic braille, and ePub formats of the same content. These formats are made available with the original file, so everything is in one convenient location. 

How do I view my grades?

Please refer to the "Ultra Gradebook" documentation

Tests and Exams

Blackboard Exams

Blackboard requires that your internet connection to the server be stable and uninterrupted during the course of an exam. While we cannot completely prevent this from happening, we do offer a list of best practices that we highly suggest you consider to minimize your chance of getting locked out of a Bb exam.

Best practices during exams:

  • Use a wired connection if possible when taking a test. Wireless Internet connections are less reliable.
  • If possible, write out the text in an external application and then paste it into Bb. Working offline first ensures that your work in progress will not be lost.
  • If you are working in assignments, save your work in progress. Saving often helps avoid any browser timeout issues.

If the machine was frozen or the connection is lost during the exam, what should I do?

Wait for a while and see whether the connection is back again. 


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