Blackboard Ally and Making your Documents Accessible


Ally is Blackboard's accessibility tool for faculty to assist with making their course accessible.

Ally Supported Files

Ally measures most of the file types typically used for content against Web and Universal Design standards. It also automatically creates alternative download formats for students.

Uploaded files are checked, and alternatives created for these file types:

  • Images (.jpg, .png)

  • PDF files

  • Microsoft® Word files

  • Microsoft® Powerpoint® files

  • Uploaded HTML files


Below you will find support material on how to improve accessibility with Blackboard and Microsoft Office content. 

Ally Quick Start

Accessibility Scores

View File Accessibility

Improve Your File Accessibility

Instructor FAQs for Ally

Make Word Documents Accessible

Make PowerPoint Accessible

Make Excel Files Accessible

Make Accessible PDF’s

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