Kaltura: Edit Media Page - 'Owner' hyperlink fails

The Kaltura Edit Media Page in Blackboard displays both a current video and an adjacent box with the metadata for the video.

Kaltura Edit Media Page, hyperlink "Access Denied"


This Metadata contains the following information:

  • Creator
  • Owner
  • Media Entry ID
  • Media Type
  • Publish Status
  • Creation Date
  • Updated Date


The second item in the list contains the owner's name. The Owner name is a hyperlink. Attempting to click on this link will open a blank web page with the entry Access Denied.

This message is a known issue. Until Kaltura provides an update, users can safely ignore the hyperlink.


Article ID: 138800
Tue 10/19/21 3:32 PM
Fri 10/6/23 1:53 PM