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Enabling third-party cookies is required to use Kaltura within Blackboard.
This article will explain how to order professional captions with Kaltura
This article describes the Kaltura Capture application's, Management Page.
After you open the Kaltura Capture Application, the Management window may be opened by clicking Manage on the Kaltura Capture Recorder.
This article will show you how to embed one of your Katlura videos into your Blackboard course.
This article will cover Webinar recordings, videos and additional training material on Kaltura in Blackboard topics:
This article will show you how to record your PowerPoint lecture using Kaltura Personal Capture and upload your completed video to your Kaltura My Media.
Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is no longer available as of May 10, 2019
Kaltura allows the download of audio and video files from within Blackboard. The ability to enable media downloads is available to instructors but is disabled by default. It’s quite easy, however, to enable the download of Kaltura media files. This article will walk you through the steps.
This article will show you how to allow collaborators to view and use your media in their courses
Learn how to tell if Kaltura is operating correctly.
I have recordings on my computer made with CaptureSpace Lite but I can't upload them. What do I do?
This article will show you how to add chapter bookmarks in your uploaded Kaltura media videos. Students will have access to these booksmarks when they are accessing your Kaltura video.
Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. A new Big Red Button has been added to Kaltura Express Capture (Webcam Recording) to enable you to add content from your Webcam Recorder to Blackboard.
What media formats can be uploaded to Blackboard / Kaltura?