Login Keychain Password Popup

The following knowledge base article will help you if you're stuck in an endless cycle of a popup asking you for a login keychain password. The image above is an example of this.

  1. Click on the Desktop so Finder appears on the menu bar. Avoid clicking on any files or shortcuts. This will prevent the menu below from appearing.


  1. From the menu bar, click on Go.
  2. From Go, click on Go to Folder.


  1. A new popup will appear asking you to enter a path.
  2. Please enter the following path: /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/Username/Library. Username is the current profile username you're logged into.


  1. From the Library Folder, please move the Keychains Folder to the trash.


  1. Restart the computer. Once the computer has restarted, you will no longer get the Login Keychain Password Popup, and you can now empty the trash folder.


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Wed 6/27/18 2:55 PM
Fri 9/2/22 10:45 AM