Add Audio and Video Recordings for Student Feedback

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Creating Audio and Video Feedback

You now have the ability to provide audio and video recordings when you want to provide student feedback to Blackboard assignments, discussion forums or any assessments or tools that allows you to grade your students.

Once you are in your Blackboard course, you will need to go to your Full Grade Center.


Move to the assignment that needs grading, select the down arrow and click on the attempt.

Enter in the Grade.

The Feedback to Learner will appear.

Click the “A” to open the full content editor.

Click the “...” button.

Click the add content button.

Click "Insert from Webcam". (Note: Don't worry if your machine does not have a webcam.)

You will be asked to allow Blackboard to access your microphone and camera.

Scroll down and you will see the following buttons.

(Optional) If you want to enable your video, click the video button to enable your video.

Click the “Start recording” button.

The recording will start in 5 seconds. You will see the countdown.

Your recording can be up to 5 minutes long.

When you are done with the recording, click the “Stop recording” button.

You can click the Play button to preview the recording.

(Optional) If you don’t like the recording, you can click “Delete recording” and start a new recording.

If you like the recording, then you’ll need to click “Save and Exit”.

Click the “Insert Recording” button.

Your recording has been inserted in the Feedback to Learner text field.

(Optional) You can type out any additional feedback within the text field.

Click “Submit”.

Click “Submit” to release your feedback and grade to your student.

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