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This article will show you how to embed a video from your Kaltura My Media in a test question.
The release of Google Chrome Version 90.0.4430.85 and higher has introduced a bug in the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool…
This article describes the Kaltura Capture application's, Management Page.
After you open the Kaltura Capture Application, the Management window may be opened by clicking Manage on the Kaltura Capture Recorder.
This article will show you how to use Kaltura Capture and upload your completed video to your Kaltura My Media.
There is no Kaltura Personal Capture for iOS. This means that you can’t capture the screen using a Kaltura product. There are, however, several ways to make a screen recording on iOS. This article will highlight two methods.
This article will show you how you go about in accessing the analytical data attached to your Kaltura video. You will be able to see how many times your students had played video, visited the videos, average view time, total view time and more.
What media formats can be uploaded to Blackboard / Kaltura?
Explaining the difference between the Kaltura 'My Media' and the Kaltura 'Media Gallery' in Blackboard
This article with video will show how students submit their work to a Blackboard assignment.
You now have the ability to provide audio and video recordings when you want to provide student feedback to Blackboard assignments, discussion forums or any assessments or tools that allows you to grade your students.
This article will demonstrate adding Blackboard Collaborate to your Blackboard Couse Menu
This article will show you how to embed your videos, that are stored in your My Media, into a Blackboard test/quiz question.
Enabling Kaltura Collaboration

There are times when you have an audio or video file that you want to share with another faculty member. Perhaps, you are teaching different sections of the same course. This is an easy to use feature embed within Kaltura.
The recent update to Ultra Base Navigation in Blackboard resulted in Kaltura changing locations. You can now find in the Blackboard Tools menu
If you have much of your curriculum in the VHS format then it’s time to make a change.