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This Service is to create is Identity Management ticket when a person is hired at the college that used to be a student and their role has now changed to an employee.

This request is to activate windows, office, adobe or any other software that says it needs to be activated for use.

This request is to enter a new group in RIC Rooms (EMS).

Set or remove the academic flag for a campus space in RIC Rooms.

Used to modify a building availability through RIC Rooms (EMS) for bookings. Close a building for construction to all users or close campus from all web users bookings for a power shut down.

Holidays and specific academic or administrative dates that should show on the official calendar to the RIC Calendar/RIC Rooms (last day of classes, Halloween, Spring Break, Construction closures).

This request is to add or remove existing group member(s) of a group in RIC Rooms (EMS).

A request to add another instructor to your course.

This Sub Category is for all requests for A-Frame signs. NOTE: TWO WEEKS NOTICE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL REQUESTS.

This service is to put in a request to upgrade your current Apple computer in your Rhode Island College Office. This will go through an approval process based on your current computer model and ITS computer availability.

This Sub Category is for all service requests that relate to Asphalt/Concrete on campus. NOTE: REQUIRES FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS REVIEW AND APPROVAL.

This service is will be for a service ticket entry to resolve an issue with the sound not working in classroom or a lab.

This Sub Category is for all service requests that relate to Automatic Doors on campus.