Kaltura: Edit Media Page - Collaboration (Sharing Kaltura video)

Enabling Kaltura Collaboration

There are times when you have an audio or video file that you want to share with another faculty member. Perhaps, you are teaching different sections of the same course. It's easy to use the feature within Kaltura to enable this ability.

The steps are:

  • open the “Faculty Resources” tab
  • open the ‘Kaltura - My Media’ module
  • choose the media on which you want to enable collaboration
  • Click the “Pencil” button on the right of your entrypencil icon
  • Click on the “Collaboration” tab
  • Click on the “+ Add Collaborator” button
  • Add an instructor by using typing their last name
  • Choose whether they can:
    • Co-Edit (Can modify the file before Publishing in their class)
    • Co-Publish ( Can only publish the file in their class)

Below you will find the steps in greater detail …


‘My Media’ - selecting content

In order to share video with another Blackboard user, you need to enter the ‘My Media’ section of your Kaltura/Blackboard account.

There are several paths to the Kaltura ‘My Media’ page. In this example, I’m going to direct you to the ‘Faculty Resources’ tab at the top of the Blackboard web page.

Figure 1. - Faculty Resources tab

In the upper left corner of that module page, you will find the ‘My Media’ module. Clicking on the link will transport you to the ‘My Media’ page.

On the ‘My Media’ page you will find a list of the files added to your Kaltura account. Choose the media file which you want to share with a collaborator.

Figure 2 - Select your media file in My Media

Click on the ‘Edit’ button. This will bring you to the Kaltura ‘Media Edit’ page.


Activate File Collaboration

On the Kaltura ‘Edit’ page select the tab entitled ‘Collaboration’.

Figure 3 - Collaboration Tab

Click on the “+ Add Collaborator” button. The following dialog will appear:

Figure 4 - Collaboration Dialog

Select Permissions click the Co-Publisher checkbox. Once completed, click the ‘Add’ button.


Manage Collaborators

Once you have added a user they will display on the Media Co-Editors and Co-Publishers list. If you want to add more collaborators you can repeat the process.

Figure 5 - List of Collaborators

You can add as many collaborators as necessary. You can remove all or any of them at any time by selecting the delete icon (X) in the collaborator’s list. Once you remove them they will no longer be able to use your content in their Blackboard courses.


How Collaborators see your media

Once you have added a user to your media file it will automatically be added to the ‘My Media’ area of their Blackboard courses. The media file that you have shared with another instructor should automatically appear in their ‘My Media’. If for some reason the file is not visible in your collaborators ‘My Media’ have them click on the ‘Filters’ button…

Figure 6 - My Media, Filters  Button


and confirm that the settings are as follows …


Figure 7 - My Media, Filters - Media I can Publish

After clicking the ‘Filters’ button look at the column entitled “Ownership”. Confirm that the Any Owner option is selected. This will now display any media files that have been shared with you as a Collaborator. At this point, you can embed these media files in your Blackboard course as if you had uploaded them yourself


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