Kaltura: How do I get Kaltura Software for iOS?

There is no Kaltura Personal Capture1 for iOS. This means that you can’t capture the screen using a Kaltura product. There are, however, several ways to make a screen recording on iOS. This article will highlight two methods.

Method 1: Using the built-in recording tools

If you are using iOS 11 (or later) then you can use the built-in screen recorder that is part of iOS. This will record any actions performed on your screen and save it to the Photos app on your iPad or iPhone. In the My Media section of Blackboard, you can use the Add New menu to upload media from your iOS device.


Method 2: Using a 3rd party screen recorder

If you want something more, including the ability to record your voice, then you might try the app Explain Everything. The application is an interactive whiteboard for iOS as well as a real-time collaboration tool. It allows you to insert a live video, pre-recorded video, still images, web pages or pretty much anything else you need. They do charge for this product but it includes a 30-day free trial. The company also offers education licenses.

There are many other vendors that offer a similar solution.

NOTE: These two methods will work on either an iPad or an iPhone. In addition, Explain Everything works on Android, Windows, and the Chromebook.


1 Kaltura Capture is the replacement for Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite which was shut down on May 10, 2019.


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