How To Reset Your Password Using Password Station

How To Reset Your Password Using Password Station


Please follow the steps below or watch the video tutorial on how to change your password to access, MyRIC, Blackboard, and your RIC Email


1. Proceed to the Password Station website -

2. Type in your RIC issued user name       for example - jdoe_2345

3. Choose the Forgot Password Option 


4. You can either choose a text message with a code (if you disclosed a cell phone number upon application) to input or you can answer two security questions. (If you have not disclosed your Social Security Number with RIC please contact the Records Office to add this information to your account)


5. Create an acceptable password. Once submitted you will be told you have successfully changed your password. 


6. It takes approximately 20 minutes for this to replicate throughout our systems so please try periodically. 


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