How to Use Kaltura Capture to Create Your Video and Upload it to the My Media?

Log into your Blackboard account.

Click "Tools"

Click on “My Media”.

Click the down arrow to the right of “Add New” and then select “Kaltura Capture”.

Turn on “I agree to the above terms and conditions.”

Click “Open URL: Kaltura….”

Kaltura Capture application opens up.

You want to select what outputs you want to capture (Screen, Camera and Audio).

Let’s say I want to capture my camera and audio. So I will click on the screen icon to turn it off.

Now I’ll go ahead and click on the Camera icon to turn it on.

Click the red button to start the recording.

Once the Recording Webcam Capture window appears, you can start your welcome video.

When you are done with the video, click “solid square” button and then click “Yes, Stop it”.

In the Kaltura Capture window, remove the title and enter in your title. (i.e. Welcome Video for Course USS 101), enter in a brief description of vide. (i.e. Welcome video for course USS 101)

Enter in at least one tag. (i.e. Spring 2019)

Click “Upload”.

Once the video has been uploaded successful, click “Close”.

Close out of the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder if you are done creating any more videos at this time.

Click "Tools"

Click on “My Media”.


You should now see your newly uploaded Kapture Capture recording.

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